Tips for Hiring a Epoxy Removal Contractor

In the market for a renovation of your concrete floors? In the past, epoxy coatings were the preferred way to keep a sealed and clean warehouse or plant floor clean. Today, however, many are switching from epoxy floor coatings to a polished concrete floor for it’s longevity, cleanability, and cost-effectiveness. However, the old epoxy needs to be removed prior to refinishing the floors by an epoxy removal contractor.

What to look for in an epoxy removal contractor:

Why remove epoxy? Warehouse concrete floor restoration is an issue that needs to be addressed every 5-7 years if using a high quality epoxy floor system. Whether you are replacing the old, worn epoxy or switching to a longer lasting, more cost effective polished concrete, the old epoxy requires removal. Learn more about our epoxy removal services here.

Epoxy removal contractor

Thick epoxy floor coating


  1. Knowledge: Obviously the more experience a contractor has the better, but with experience comes years of trial and error, contacts with the right manufacturers provide access to the latest industry technology, and a general know-how of how to phase a project around your operation.
  2. Tooling & Equipment: A big part of an epoxy removal job is tooling and equipment. Proper tooling will ensure the epoxy is removed from the concrete slab, but that the slab is not damaged in the process. Shotblasting can remove most epoxy floor coatings, but then the floor is left with an abraded surface that won’t be acceptable to most. This floor will be dusty and difficult to keep clean. Different thicknesses and types of epoxy require different tooling for cost effectiveness and easier clean up. Grinding equipment with proper tooling is probably the best way to remove epoxy coatings. The contractor should own their own equipment – rental grinding equipment is typically not heavy enough to get the job done. Grinders should be at least 500 lbs to get enough down pressure for the tooling to remove the epoxy from the concrete floor.
  3. What all can they provide: Hiring a turn-key concrete restoration contractor is important. One contractor who can remove epoxy, perform any necessary concrete repairs, seal joints, and polish your floor is a much more cost-effective way to hire the job done!

Contact an experienced epoxy removal contractor:

Titus Restoration has been restoring concrete floors for decades. We have removed epoxy on several warehouse concrete floors and restored them to polished concrete floors that outlast any other flooring system available. Our expert estimators are ready to help you with your projects – contact us today!