Is your warehouse in need of control joint repair?

When joints are unfilled they are susceptible to spalling and chipping away. If ignored this problem can worsen and over time development into serious safety and production issues. Control joint repair is often attempted by filling with epoxy so forklifts are trying to pass over the pot holes, but this ‘quick-fix’ many times fails and plant managers are left with the nuisance of constant repair, lost and damaged products, and safety issues. Learn more about joint repair service here.

An Industrial Solution for Control Joint Repair


warehouse control joint repair

Before and after control joint rebuilding process

A permanent solution is available – stop the frustrations from damaged floor joints and get a final fix for warehouse joint repair! Stop wasting time putting epoxy in the floor. A professional company with proper repair techniques and access to industrial strength products will be able to rebuild damaged joints so they are like-new again. This 6 step process detailed below can is performed with USDA and FDA approved products, can cure in freezers and coolers, and cure to a strength stronger than the concrete in less than an hour, restoring service to your warehouse quickly and efficiently.

The 6-step joint repair process (shown in detail here), requires to cut square and deep (no more than an inch unless the bottom exceeds one inch) patches out of the concrete. Then prime and prep the clean and fresh concrete. A bonding agent is used in this process to increase the bond of the patch by penetrating the concrete and acting like teeth holding it in place. Then the repair mixture is prepared and placed in the patch and overfilled slightly. The control joint repair product is a high strength, reactive resin mortar and cures to nearly 13,000 psi (stronger than concrete). Once cured, it is ground flush with the adjacent surface to achieve a seamless patch that is locked into the concrete. Finally, the original joint line is honored and filled with a semi-rigid material that won’t budge under forklift traffic.

The results are amazing, customers are wowed, and this method of rebuilding the joints outlasts any other process.

Warehouse Joint Repair Contractors:

Trust experts in the concrete restoration business to know what is best for your facility! Epoxy just cannot stand up to high traffic in an industrial facility or distribution center. Titus Restoration works with warehouse floor damage on a daily basis to improve and extend the life of the concrete because no one can face replacing a slab! Contact our experts today about your control joint repair project!