A Guaranteed Way to Repair Concrete Floors for Good

Tired of failed concrete floor repairs? Epoxies and other repair products not lasting? We have system proven to repair concrete floors for good and we guarantee it! Stop putting temporary bandaids on your concrete floors and fix them the right way and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Our 6- Step Process to Repair Concrete Floors:

Learn how to repair concrete floors for good!

Restore your warehouse concrete floors with our guaranteed repairs!

Most of the damage in warehouse concrete floors occurs at the joints. Typically these joints are unfilled and vulnerable to chipping away over time as heavy forklifts pound over them. This is our process for repairing concrete floor joints, but it can be modified and applied to bolt holes, divots, and other concrete floor imperfections.

  1. Cut Deep & Square Edges: Creating deep walls allows the products durable bond to perform at its best, locking the product into the concrete.
  2. Clean & Prime: We thoroughly clean and prime the existing concrete to strengthen the substrate and further increase the bond.
  3. Install Premium Repair Material: This product is guaranteed stronger than epoxy fillers. It cures up to 12,000 psi (3-4 times stronger than concrete) in an hour assuring it can withstand heavy traffic.
  4. Grind Smooth: We grind off the excess patch so that there is no hump or dip and the transition is completely smooth for forklift traffic. This locks in the product and increases its durability.
  5. Recut Original Joint Line: The control joints control the cracking in the slab and direct all cracking to that area. If we left the joint un-cut it would be susceptible to re-cracking and failing. This ensures the joint is not welded shut and can still move with the concrete.
  6. Refill the Joint: We fill the joint with a suitable joint filler to provide a seamless floor and prevent future spalling and erosion at the joint.

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Warehouse Floor Repairs by Titus Restoration:

Titus Restoration has been repairing warehouse floors for years and our results are amazing. Our team is dedicated to providing you results that last, contact our estimators with your project details and fix your warehouse floors for good!