Looking for Concrete Floor Cleaning Service?

Grime, dust, and forklift tire marks build up over time and create maintenance headaches in warehouses across the nation. Reducing maintenance equates to increased productivity and who doesn’t want that? There is an affordable concrete floor cleaning service that can clean your concrete floors for good – and keep them that way so you can focus on increasing your bottom line!

Concrete floor cleaning service can reduce maintenance

Before – Dusting Concrete is a Maintenance Headache!

An Affordable Concrete Floor Cleaning Service to Reduce Maintenance:

  • Diamond Cleaning – By cleaning with diamond impregnated tooling, a thin, top layer of the concrete is removed. This is not achieved with autoscrubbers, steam cleaning, or other forms of floor cleaning service. By removing the dirty part of the concrete surface stains, tire marks, and general grime build-up is completely removed and the floor is then ready to be resealed to reduce maintenance going forward.
  • Sealing for 20 Years – With penetrating, versus of topical sealers, the concrete is sealed from dust deep within the concrete. In addition, these sealers harden the surface of the concrete, thus extending its life from forklift traffic.

    Warehouse clean and seal service.

    After – Diamond Cleaned & Sealed Concrete Is Easy to Maintain!

  • Clean & Seal with Hybrid Polish – When the diamond cleaning process is complete, the diamond tooling on the machines can be exchanged for finer and finer grits of diamonds. By going over the concrete with this progression of finer diamonds, the pores of the concrete are tightened mechanically and sealed to a smooth surface. This process is called concrete polishing and includes the penetrating sealers previously mentioned. With coupled with our ultimate concrete floor cleaning service, you will have a concrete floor that will last you a long time while significantly reducing maintenance cost.
  • Easy To Maintain – Why is it so easy to maintain? Water and autoscrubbers is all you need to maintain this flooring system. Once daily autoscrubbing is more than enough to keep this dust-free floor in impeccable condition!

Extend the life of your concrete floors and reduce maintenance with this concrete floor cleaning service, learn more here!

Warehouse Clean and Seal Service:

Titus Restoration has years of experience with providing large warehouses with ways to extend the life of their concrete floors and reduce maintenance. Our concrete floor cleaning service provides the best cleaning available and our sealers last at least 20 years. In addition we can provide information to make your maintenance easier and less costly – saving you time and money. Contact our estimators today to discuss your concrete floor restoration project!