3 Reasons to Hire A Concrete Floor Resurfacing Contractor

Are worn, damaged, and dusting concrete constantly causing issues for your plant’s concrete floors? Is your maintenance staff and crew constantly complaining of issues with the concrete floor? Is it slowing you down and costing you more money? If you are considering hiring a concrete floor resurfacing contractor, but you are afraid of the cost and how it will affect your business, here are some reasons that might make you feel better about your concrete restoration project.

How A Concrete Floor Resurfacing Contractor can Help:

concrete floor resurfacing contractors

Before: Concrete is oil-soaked, damaged, painted and impossible to clean.

There are many different issues that plague concrete floors – especially in factories and warehouses. Some of these can be worn and deteriorating concrete joints that are hazardous for forklift travel, rocking slabs, surface damage from years of wear and tear, and just overall dusting to name a few. To learn more about concrete floor resurfacing and repair methods, click here. Here is why you should hire an expert:

  1. Phasing Work Around Production – If your biggest fear about hiring a contractor is how it will impact your business, a quality concrete floor resurfacing contractor can phase the work around your production to fit your needs. It may be night work, it may be during a holiday shut down working double shifts, or it may just be in sections diverting traffic around the work area. Further, if repair materials are required, fast-curing products can be installed so traffic may resume within the hour. No matter what you fear is about slowing your production – there is a solution that can work for you!

    concrete restoration contractors

    After: Large holes are repaired, stains and paint are removed, and the surface is smooth and easy to maintain.

  2. Add Years of Life to Floors – Resurfacing and re-hardening your floor can extend the life your concrete floor for 20 years or more. Penetrating sealers, deep diamond cleaning, and guaranteed repairs, and hybrid polished concrete is the ultimate way to restore your warehouse concrete floors. Once floors are properly restored and properly maintained, your frustrations will be gone!
  3. Reduce Maintenance Cost and Frustrations – Maintenance cost are significantly reduced with concrete resurfacing and restoration. Once the floors are restored, water alone can be used in maintenance, dusting is eliminated and issues with joints trapping dirt and debris are gone.

One Stop Shop: Industrial Concrete Restoration Contractors

Titus Restoration has been restoring concrete floors in warehouses, retail, factories, and more since 2005. Our concrete repair methods are proven and guaranteed. Our customers are truly wowed by the results and we pride ourselves on that. We are a concrete floor resurfacing contractor serving the Southeast and our expert team is eager to answer your questions and provide solutions to your concrete floor issues. Contact us today!