Guidelines for Removing Leveling Compound from Concrete Floors

Leveling compound is a soft, cementitious underlayment applied to concrete floors beneath VCT and wood flooring. During renovations, with VCT is removed, the leveling compound is exposed and can be troublesome to remove if you don’t know the proper techniques. When removing leveling compound from concrete floors it is important to first know what you want to do with the floor in the renovation process. If you are going to be polishing the concrete, there are some specific guidelines required. Learn more about leveling compound removal service here.

Removing Leveling Compound for Polished Concrete Floors

If a self leveling underlayment presents itself in your concrete (typically under VCT) then it will have to removed properly prior to polishing the concrete. When the leveling compound is isolated in areas, it can be cut out and patched with a polishable patching product. The patches will remain visible, however, if this type of character is acceptable, the floor can still be polished to a nice finish.

Removing leveling compound from concrete floors

Patches are visible where leveling compound has been removed and patched.

Sometimes the leveling compound can be widespread and hard to assess the thickness of leveling compound, and thick pours can be detrimental to a polished concrete project. There are options; however, for completing the floor project of your dreams. A polishable overlay can be poured over (once the leveling compound is removed) to achieve a uniform finish without defects.

leveling compound removal

Polishable overlay installed after removal of thick concrete leveling compound

The proper way to remove leveling compound:

  • Grinding with Proper Tools – Proper tooling on concrete grinder can grind down the leveling compound to sound concrete.
  • Scraping –  Sometimes the leveling compound can be scraped off with ride on scrapers without marring the floor.
  • Jack Hammering – This method should only be performed if the concrete is not going to be polished or a polishable overlay is going to be installed on top of it.

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