Finding the Right Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

Thinking it’s time for concrete resurfacing contractors to look at your warehouse floor? Concrete damage described as cracks, pot holes, deterioration, joint damage, and more are signs that the concrete is in need of restoration and these specialty contractors can help you get the job done. Not all contractors will give you the same recommendations, so it is important to get several evaluations on your warehouse floor before choosing the right concrete resurfacing contractor.

How to Reduce Warehouse Floor Damage with Concrete Resurfacing

  1. Smooth concrete joints – When dips and spalls occur at the joint lines they will only worsen over time. Properly repairing them will restore a smooth joint transition (which reduces forklift damage and slowed production) and protects the floor going forward from further damage.
  2. Seamless patching – Divots and pop outs can also be areas of concern as they can become larger problems over time. Simply filling them in will not create a seamless transition (which is important to proper concrete resurfacing) rather, cutting them out square, overfilling them, and grinding them back to surface level locks the patch into the concrete so it won’t pop out and won’t cause a bump in the travel of the forklift – which will eventually lead to more concrete damage.
  3. Eliminate areas for future damage – Filling joints is the most important step in prevention from warehouse floor repair. Any unfilled crack or joint is potential for spalling and eventually major damage because of the very small impact heavy forklifts have on them.Learn more about our concrete floor repair and resurfacing services here!
    Concrete floor resurfacing contractors

    Before – Wall removal leaves damaged concrete that can lead to major concrete repairs?

    warehouse floor repair

    After – Proper repair techniques ensure the patches are locked into the slab and seamless transition is restored.

Experienced Concrete Floor Resurfacing Contractors

Titus Restoration has been restoring warehouse concrete floors since 1979. Our methods have evolved over the years and we keep up with current industry standards to provide the best possible outcome. Most importantly, we are skilled at phasing the work around your production, no matter how hectic. We use quality products and equipment to further improve your experience. Contact our expert team of estimators today for a free estimate on your warehouse floor renovation.