What warehouse floor tape concerns do you have?

Warehouse floor striping is a major consideration for plant managers and engineers. Logistically speaking, planning a warehouse takes a lot of hard work and effort. One aspect of planning a warehouse is the floor striping. Do you require warehouse floor striping in your facility? Are you considering painted floor stripes or tape? There are pros and cons to each. This article is here to discuss the warehouse floor tape concerns you may be facing in your decision making process.

Questions and Concerns of Warehouse Floor Tape:

  1. Cleanliness – Does warehouse floor tape stay clean? If concrete floor tape is in the traffic of forklifts, then it is mostly likely going to dirty easily and be difficult to clean.

    warehouse floor tape concerns

    Warehouse floor marking tape dirtied with traffic and spills.

  2. Removal – If I need to remove warehouse floor tape, can I? Another warehouse floor tape concern is removal. If you are going to be using it temporarily and to move it around, there are some considerations to think about. Removing floor tape leaves a sticky residue that can be difficult to remove. If the finish of the concrete floor is polished or sealed, there may be some difficulty restoring the floor to the same type of finish if the tape residue isn’t properly handled. Read more about warehouse floor tape removal here. 

    concrete floor striping with tape

    Tape residue remains on the floor after removal.

  3. Durability – How durable is warehouse floor tape? There are many different brands of concrete floor tape, but durability always depends on surface prep and use.

Titus Restoration is experienced in properly removing warehouse concrete floor tape to ensure the floor finish isn’t ruined in the process. Contact our experts today for more information.