Why Penetrating Concrete Sealer is a Lasting Solution

There are many reasons you may be considering sealing your concrete floors. But have you considered what sealing concrete really entails – and what options you have? Whether you are looking to do-it-yourself or are hiring a professional concrete sealing company to perform the work, it is important to understand the difference between topical and penetrating concrete sealer products. Here is some detailed information you might find useful for your concrete floor sealing project.

Using a penetrating concrete sealer will prevent dust and other maintnenace issues in your warehouse.

A Hybrid Polished Concrete with Penetrating Concrete Sealer

How to Choose a Concrete Floor Sealer:

A topical and penetrating concrete sealer will get you the results you desire initially, but what are you looking for in the long run? Here is a list of things to consider:

  1. Dustproof Concrete – This is the main reason concrete floors are sealed. Both a topical and penetrating concrete sealer will seal the concrete from dusting. This aids in maintenance. The difference between the 2 sealers is that a topical sealer (like a paint), may eventually wear off, exposing dusting issues again or might not even stick in the first place. A penetrating concrete sealer goes into the tiny pores of the concrete and reacts with the properties of the concrete to essentially harden the dust. It is often referred to as Penetrating Concrete Densifier. (There are different types of concrete densifier that we discuss here).
  2. Cleanability – If sealed only, both surfaces will have cleanability pros and cons. The coated surface will eventually wear off, chip or flake – causing more maintenance issues; however while it’s bond is good, it is easily cleaned and usually stain resistant. If a concrete slab is only treated with a penetrating sealer (and no polishing steps are used), it will show tire marks and any stains that penetrate.
  3. Longevity – A good coating (topical sealer), will last 5-7 years depending on traffic. However, most topical concrete sealers that are chosen are MUCH cheaper than that and only truly last a fraction of the time. The penetrating version of concrete sealing will last until the top layer of the concrete is gone – so essentially forever.

Titus Restoration performs both topical and penetrating concrete sealing project, it is our professional opinion that a penetrating sealer with a polished concrete surface is the best option for a warehouse, factory, retail space, or any other facility utilizing their concrete substrate as their flooring. It can last for 10 years or more, is easily cleaned, and is extremely cost effective. Our estimators can provide free site evaluations and quotes. Contact us today for more information on penetrating concrete sealer projects.