What a Concrete Repairs Contractor Can Do for You

Many warehouses have maintenance staff in charge of performing the concrete floor repairs themselves. Some of these concrete repairs include: concrete cracks, floor joint damage, pot holes or other concrete defects, and more. The in house maintenance approach is most likely cost effective if the repair is small and the proper materials and surface prep methods are used. But for more extensive concrete floor repair service, a professional concrete repairs contractor should be consulted. Check out more industrial concrete repair services here.

Finding a good concrete repairs contractor takes work.

Concrete Repairs Taking Place while Factory is in Operation while using Dust-Containment Tent.

Specialties of  a Concrete Repairs Contractor:

  1. Industrial Strength Concrete Resurfacing/Rebuilding: Sometimes the slab is just not strong enough in areas to tolerate the traffic and loads. Reinforcing areas of damage before they get worse should be a priority. A certified concrete repairs contractor will be able to assess the area of weakness and provide structural repairs. Using products that are stronger than concrete with an incredible bond rate is the first key to a successful concrete rebuilding project, but proper surface prep is extremely important as well!
  2. Lasting Joint Repairs: As forklift or other wheeled traffic rolls over the joints they are susceptible to breakage if unfilled. Properly filling them from the beginning is the only way to prevent this, but often this is overlooked. The next best option is to repair them (and fill them) once damage has been observed. Finally, if ignored they have to be re-built to restore them. With any of these options, a professional concrete repairs contractor should be using industrial strength lasting products to ensure longevity.
  3. Smoothing Eroded and Damaged Concrete Floors:

Titus Restoration is a full service concrete repairs contractor. We hold several certifications in concrete floor and joint repair. Our estimators are able to provide free site evaluations and quotes. Contact us today!