What you Need to Know About Cleaning Concrete Floors

Keeping concrete floors clean from dirt, debris, and more importantly forklift tire marks can seem like an impossible task. If you feel like your maintenance staff and expensive cleaning equipment is a waste of money, you might be right, but there is an end to the meaningless cycle of cleaning concrete floors. We have more details on concrete cleaning in this blog post.

Keeping concrete floors clean from dirty tires.

Concrete floors are porous and trap dirt and tire marks.

A Permanent Fix for Cleaning Concrete Floors:

Cleaning concrete floors for good.

Polished concrete is cleaner and brighter – and can stay that way!

New concrete warehouse floors look gray, shiny, and smooth. They are often sealed from dust and look good for a while. But the moment forklifts begin to drive over them, the tire marks start to build up … and build up fast. Why does this happen? Although the concrete is seemingly smooth and shiny, it is still highly porous. This allows for the tire residue to be “stuck” on the floor – and it snowballs from there. But there is a way to fix the floor from being so porous:

Polished concrete makes cleaning concrete floors EASY!

So, what is polished concrete and does it change the maintenance of concrete floors?

Polished concrete is a process of refining the concrete through a series of diamond polishing steps. Just like any polished stone, the end result is a super shiny surface. But what is causing that shine is the high refinement – it’s taken away the high porosity and tightened the surface so much that you can put your expensive cleaning equipment and maintenance staff back to work efficiently. Read more about polished concrete flooring here.

However, tire marks are still an issue for some polished floors, but non marking tires will never leave residue that cannot be removed on a polished concrete floor, once again making cleaning concrete floors a breeze. This is the flooring choice of many national retailers and distribution centers today. In addition, it is ideal for any concrete floor that does not require chemical resistance such as manufacturing plants. Contact Titus Restoration today for our expert advice on concrete floor cleaning!