How to Find a Concrete Restoration Contractor

Concrete restoration, polished concrete, and industrial concrete repair services can be difficult to find. A concrete restoration contractor should be highly specialized in their trade, but how will you know if they are qualified? Concrete repair and restoration are highly sought after contractors, but looking out for the following items may prevent you from hiring the wrong company.

If your concrete floor is in need of refurbishment a concrete restoration contractor can assist with a variety of concrete floor problems.

Before: Tire Marks, Dust, and Dirt are Difficult to Maintain

Finding the Right Concrete Restoration Contractor:

1. How many projects similar to yours have they done? If the concrete restoration contractor is familiar with the type of work you need done (concrete resurfacing, polished concrete, or industrial concrete repairs), then they have probably successfully performed a similar project. Providing pictures of similar jobs is a good sign they know what they are doing.

2. Can they provide references? A good reference can tell you if the concrete restoration contractor was: professional, clean, and fair-priced. Do they have repeat business with the same customers?

Polished concrete is a form of concrete restoration that can enhance the surface and create an easy to maintain surface.

After: Concrete is cleanable, dust-free, and more durable for warehousing.

3. Do they self perform the work? If a concrete repair or restoration contractor sub contracts the work instead of performing it with their own employees, quality will suffer. The contractor cannot control what happens on the job if they are being managed by someone outside of their control. Making sure they self perform their own work is important because you know they are specialized in their field and that they will not leave a job unfinished.

Once you have established that you are relying on a credible source, it is often a good idea to get 3 competitive quotes, compare apples to apples, and chose your vendor.

Titus Restoration specializes in concrete polishing, concrete restoration, and industrial concrete repair. We provide free site evaluations, references, and self-perform our own work. For more information about a quality concrete repair contractor, contact us today.