Hiring Concrete Polishing Companies

What is polished concrete and how do you know if you are getting what you pay for? There are many concrete polishing companies that make up the industry with varying levels of experience, but there are certain questions you should be asking to make sure you are getting a high quality level of polish for the amount of money you are getting. When hiring concrete polishing companies for a project, it is wise to obtain 3 quotes and compare them word for word.

Concrete polishing companies may not always follow the correct steps.

Hybrid Polished Warehouse Floor

Questions that Should be Asked in a Polished Concrete Proposal:

  1. Steps – Skipping steps in the diamond sequence results in diminished refinement. Refinement is the whole point to polishing concrete and skipping steps compromises the quality of the floor resulting in a floor that doesn’t perform as long as it should.
  2. Densifier – There are different types of concrete densifier out there, some of them merely sit on the surface and can be shiny at first and wash off over time. On the other hand, a penetrating concrete floor densifer will last virtually forever.
  3. Self Perform or Subcontract – Concrete polishing companies that subcontract the work have no control over quality. It is common in the industry for a company to be a “certified polisher” of a brand and only get work subcontracted to them. Companies who self perform their work can control every aspect of the job and the ultimate quality that the customer receives.

Titus Restoration is a self performing concrete polishing contractor with many years of experience in the industry. We do not believe in short-cutting jobs and compromising the ultimate finish of the concrete. However, we do have excellent relationships with our vendors and are always testing new products in order to save our customers money! Our references will attest to our hard working crews and astonishing concrete restoration projects. See our before and after gallery here.

Looking for an estimate? We offer free site evaluations and quotes. In addition, samples are performed for a deposit that is taken off the total cost of the project as insurance that you are getting what you pay for – and that you like it! Contact us today!