Concrete Floor Repairs that Save you Money

Think you have run out of options for concrete floor repairs? It doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. Acting sooner rather than later is the best way to achieve affordable concrete slab repairs for industrial buildings. Here are some options on how to avoid costly slab replacements:

Concrete floor repairs to save. Saving Money in the Long Run on Concrete Floor Repairs and Restoration:

  1. Fortified Concrete Repairs – Good concrete repairs start with high-quality products. Using low-end, non-industrial products with poorly prepped concrete is money down the drain. Stop the band-aid and fix the problem for good concrete products that are fortified with epoxies or other synthetics – they are stronger than concrete and have a higher bond making them ideal for industrial concrete repair.
  2. Joint Filler – Filling the joints is a MUST in saving money on concrete floor repairs. Filling concrete joints is the only way to prevent them from spalling, or otherwise breaking away and becoming damaged. Once damaged, fixing and filling immediately is the best protocol, although, more costly than filling them before the are damaged, it still is less expensive than repairing them when they look like the neglected picture above.
  3. Smooth and Easy to Maintain – when concrete is gouged or pitted or has exposed aggregate it is not only a safety and maintenance nightmare, but it is just causing more and more money to operate around. By grinding the concrete smooth and densifing it to seal in dust, it is more easily maintained in the long run; again, saving you money!

All of these concrete floor repair options can be done for WAY less money than replacing an entire slab – or part of one. And the best part…they can be done with minimal interruption to your facility’s production. For more information, check out our page on industrial concrete repair here.

Titus Restoration has been in the concrete restoration and repair business for over a decade. Our experiences have shown us what not to do (bandaiding concrete) and how to repair concrete floors for good. We offer free estimates and site evaluations for our customers to make them feel comfortable about their concrete floor repair projects. Contact us today for more information!