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The frustrations of a warehouse or plant manager are commonly seen on the concrete floor. Problems with maintenance and concrete floor repairs can seem never-ending. But there are options that are affordable, durable, and won’t interrupt your production – keep reading to learn more about concrete restoration in Tallahassee, FL.

Where durability and budget co-exist: Tallahassee concrete restoration is a one stop shop!

Concrete floor repairs restore an old factory in Tallahassee,fl.

Extensive repairs were done to this severely damaged floor. The floor was then polished to reduce maintenance cost.

Long lasting concrete repairs: Have you repaired concrete floors with epoxy only to see it fail days or weeks later? This common issue in warehouse floors is frustrating for many. Let us handle the problem for you! Our fast-curing and industrial strength products are installed with little to no interruption to your production. With the proper surface prep, the proper products, and the right installation team, these repairs will out last the concrete floor itself. Read more about how a Tallahassee concrete restoration contractor can get you the quick results you need today.

Maintain a concrete floor the easy way: Many concrete slabs are sealed with a penetrating sealer and the surface is left porous and open to stains and a hard-to-clean surface. To combat this, sealers (urethane or epoxy) were put down to make the floor cleanable. But a sealed floor doesn’t equate to easy maintenance. Coatings peel and flake off under forklift traffic and require chemicals to keep them clean. There is an alternative!

Polished concrete is an alternative to epoxy floors – it’s cheaper and easier to maintain too:

tallahassee concrete floor restoration and repair

Polished concrete is affordable in warehouse spaces – Read more about our Hybrid Polished Concrete for large square footage with high traffic.

Polished concrete is a process, not a product. Much like polishing granite, the porous surface is tightened up through a sanding-like process with diamond tools. There are not topical sealers or coatings involved in the process. Though there are still penetrating sealers to harden and dust-proof the surface, these won’t wear off under wheeled traffic; replacing them is never an issue. The durability of the floor can last over 10 years. The luster may wear down a little, but is easily brought back to life with a quick burnish every 5-7 years. Maintenance of this floor is easy! With water only, the floor can maintain its luster and be kept clean for your customers and employees quickly, easily, and affordably. This concrete restoration process is the most effective and long-term concrete decision your facility can make!

Our Tallahassee concrete restoration crews are trained to our highest quality standards. Our specialty is working around your production as to not slow you down. We can work nights, weekends, and holidays to make this easy for you. Interested in pricing comparison of polished concrete, just click here.