Georgia – Florida Polished Concrete Floors | South GA Industrial Concrete Repair

Warehouses, industrial facilities, and factories all have concrete floors – and eventually that concrete will need repairs! Temporary repairs on concrete floors can be frustrating and feel like a waste of time. Learning about industrial-strength repairs can ease your fears about needing to replace your concrete floors. In Florida and South GA industrial concrete repairs are more common due to the sandy soil environment. Keep reading to learn more about concrete floor repairs and polished concrete floors.

When is it time to perform concrete floor restoration?  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

It may seem impossible to get your concrete floors repaired, but we are dedicated to working around your production to keep you focused on your business while we handle the problem areas! Some of the most common concrete flooring issues are the following.

South GA industrial concrete repair can restore a dirty concrete floor.

Before – Dirty concrete with tire marks is dull and dirty and hard to maintain.

Concrete floor polishing in Florida and South GA keeps a floor lasting for years.

After – tire marks are removed and floor can be maintained for years to come.

Dirty concrete that can’t be cleaned: Forklift tire marks and grime can be stubborn to remove from bare concrete or even coated concrete. Concrete grinding machines can remove these in a breeze. Then polished concrete can be installed (yes, this is affordable for warehouses in South GA too!)



Small cracks, spalls, or chips in the floor: Little cracks, spalls, divots, chips in the floor can be dangerous for forklift traffic, but they are also dangerous for your floor. As wheeled traffic repeatedly rolls over these little imperfections the concrete will slowly deteriorate and become larger areas of damage. Repairing the concrete with a lasting solution before it becomes a bigger problem is crucial to protecting your slab. Forklifts need a smooth surface to ride over to fully protect the slab which is why we strongly recommended joint filler in all your concrete joints, especially the aisle ways. You can read more about the importance of joint filler here.

Pay attention to concrete floor repairs in south ga before it's too late.

Joint spalls due to forklift traffic where joint filler has not been installed.







Large concrete floor damage can still be repaired: When small repairs go untreated, they can become large, crater-like obstructions in your floor. Replacing the concrete can be scary, but it can still be prevented with the right products and proper installation. South GA industrial concrete floor repair can be a true saving to your floors.

See these before and after industrial concrete repairs or read more about the process here.

lasting concrete joint repairs are needed in south ga.

Forklift traffic is restored with industrial strength concrete joint rebuiliding.

 concrete joint repair makes forklift traffic restored.

Large dips reveal concrete wire mesh and make forklift traffic impossible.

South GA industrial concrete floor repair and polished concrete is great for everyone!

The greatest benefit of polished concrete is the maintenance and longevity. Some things that may be a nuisance to you, may simply fade away with polished concrete.

  • No more epoxy coatings wearing off the surface. There are no topical products on this floor – only penetrating sealers so nothing to wear off!
  • No need to “re-do” the floors every 5 years causing shut downs. Simply have the floors rebuffed quickly every few years to maintain their luster.
  • No expensive cleaners are required. Water is all you need!
  • All of this – and it is still suitable for forklifts, high-traffic, heavy equipment, and more!

When your customers and employees are happy, your business is happy! Keeping a tidy facility, free from damage and frustrating floors is important to your employees…and your customers receive a great impression of your business as well. Polished concrete floors for warehouses and industrial floors is a great way to achieve a productive and customer-focused business – what could be better than that!