Best Flooring for Warehouses | Affordable & Durable Concrete Floors

When it comes to warehouse concrete floors, can budget and durability co-exist? The best flooring for warehouses offers both affordability and durability for forklift traffic, industrial operations, and is both easy to maintain and long lasting! With little interruption to your facility, this flooring system can be performed to give you long lasting warehouse floors that you don’t have to worry about!

Hybrid Polished Concrete is the Best Flooring for Warehouses:

Best Flooring for Warehouses

Hybrid polished concrete leaves a smooth and easy to clean surface that is suitable for heavy forklift traffic.

Don’t let the words polished concrete scare you – this flooring system is often cheaper (and longer lasting) than epoxy coatings and other flooring solutions. With a Hybrid Polished Concrete floor you get the amazing benefits of polished concrete without the high price. This is because there is no need for a highly reflective floor in a warehouse – just a sealed surface that is easy to maintain and durable! Here are the details of the process and benefits of a Hybrid Polished Concrete for warehouse floors.

  • If your plant is in operation, we can work in sections or aisle ways so we don’t slow you down.
  • If there are any concrete repairs, we will do those first. Our fast-curing products can be traveled over quickly so we get out of your way.
  • We will begin the wet-grinding process with water so we don’t create dust in your warehouse.
  • This process smooths the concrete, removes any surface grime or stains, and restores it like-new.
  • Next, the slab is hardened with a penetrating sealer, locking in dust and creating an abrasion-resistant surface for forklift traffic.
  • Finally, the slab is honed to create a non porous and easy-to-maintain surface. Just autoscrub with water to remove grit to keep it looking great for years!

Polished Concrete vs Epoxy Coatings: Which is the best flooring for warehouses?

Traditionally warehouse concrete floors have been coated, mostly with epoxy coatings, to create a cleanable concrete floor that also looks nice. Because concrete is so porous, the coatings provide a way to keep the floor clean. The issue most businesses have with this, is that they don’t last a long time and they are expensive to install. Peeling and flaking coatings are an eyesore and expose the bare concrete which can be dusty, breakdown forklift tires, and is just an overall maintenance nightmare.

  • Polished concrete addresses the issue of porous concrete by tightening up the surface leaving it just as easy (if not easier) to maintain as new epoxy.
  • Polished concrete is more affordable than quality epoxy coatings, sometimes by half the price.
  • Polished concrete outlasts epoxy coatings by over double the life cycle because there are no topical treatments to ever wear off.

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