Best Way to Dust Proof Concrete Floors

A dusty concrete floor is not only a maintenance nightmare, but it can also breakdown forklift tires faster, contaminate product, and is dangerous to inhale. There are multiple methods to dust proof concrete floors, but what is best for your business…and your bottom line?

What is the best way to dust proof concrete floors?

Dusty & Unsealed Concrete

Different Ways to Dust Proof Concrete Floors:

1. Coatings and Paints: Epoxy, urethane, acrylic, and other coatings are all suitable for sealing concrete from dust. However, it is important to way all the pros and cons before coating your concrete floor. If a dust proof concrete floor is all you need – and you don’t require any chemical resistance – coating concrete can be a costly mistake. Coatings require proper and professional surface preparation to ensure they do not fail. In addition, if the slab has a high moisture vapor transmission rate, the coating may not be in tolerance of it, again causing a failure. Finally, if heavy fork lift traffic or manufacturing is taking place on the floor, even a thick coating may not last very long under those conditions.

2. Penetrating Sealers: Opposite of topical paints and coatings are penetrating sealers. These sealers dust proof concrete floors in a permanent fashion, however, the slab needs to be in good sound condition either newly poured or with the hard cap in tact. This is a budget alternative for dust proofing concrete floors. Read more about concrete floor sealing here.

3. Polished Concrete & Penetrating Sealers: For slabs that do not require a chemical or acid resistance, a polished concrete floor is an excelled way to seal in the dust, harden the slab, and make it easy to clean. Polished concrete utilizes penetrating sealers so there is nothing topical to wear off. Over time, this floor remains easy to maintain and is durable enough for warehousing and manufacturing.

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