Pros and Cons of Diamond Polished Concrete

With a large variety of concrete floor coverings, diamond polished concrete has recently been a major contender for many retail and industrial concrete floors. With this flooring option being so new, we decided to break down the benefits (and the downsides) to polishing concrete. Check out of polished concrete services here.

A diamond polished concrete floor is durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain.Benefits of Diamond Polished Concrete Floors:

1. Long Lasting: Because a diamond polished concrete floor is a process and not a topical product, the results are much longer lasting. The process is refinement (through diamond tooling of finer and finer grits) to produce a surface that is tight, yet breathable. A high polished concrete floor can last up to 10 years or more.

2. Durable: The penetrating chemicals used with diamond polished concrete harden the surface creating a wear surface that is more durable than standard concrete alone. Many distribution centers and manufacturing plants prefer this flooring for its durability properties.

3. Cost Effective: Compared to VCT, Epoxy, and other floor coverings, polished concrete is a often budget option. The savings are realized in not only installation, but in maintenance and replacement as well.

4. Easy to Maintain: With water only, diamond polished concrete is easily maintained. Because of its smooth, refined surface, pushing mops or autoscrubbing with a squeegee is very easy and effective. There is a surface stain protectant added into the concrete during the process that protects it from harsh staining as well!

Cons of a Polished Concrete Floor:

1. Appearance is hard to predict: When concrete is poured there are many elements that affect the way it turns out. The amount of water, the mix design, the ambient temperature and more all contribute to the finished product. When polished, some of these items contribute to different appearances – no two slabs are the same!

2. Not Acid or Chemical Resistant: If an acid or chemical resistance is something needed on the floor then diamond polished concrete is not for you. Harsh checmicals and detergents can etch and ruin the surface. A coating would be required to protect the slab.

At Titus Restoration, we are happy to answer any questions you many have about diamond polished concrete floors. Our many years of experience has provided us an answer to just about any obstacle you may have. Contact our estimators for free quotes and advice for your concrete floors!