What You Need to Know About Repairing Stains From Battery Acid in Concrete

Forklifts and other battery operated machinery can leak battery acid on to your warehouse floor leaving unsightly erosion or stains. Addressing these concrete floor issues depends on the floor finish you have. Below are some suggestions for repairing stains from battery acid in concrete.

When Battery Acid Stains Polished Concrete Floors:


Repairing Stains From Battery Acid in Concrete

Accidents happen, but don’t let it ruin your polished concrete floor! These floors are not resistant to acid, but these type of spills can be remedied!

  1. Neutralize as quickly as possible – applying baking soda or ammonia to the site of the stain will help to begin the neutralization process and prevent etching and erosion of the concrete. The sooner this step is performed, the better the chances are for repairing stains from battery acid in concrete, especially polished concrete floors.
  2. Restore with a specialty contractor – polished concrete contractors are typically experienced in fixing problems in polished concrete floors. The floor can always be re-polished where the finish has been etched away by the acid, but there may be discoloration. If fixing this imperfection is important to you, specialty color tinting products may need to be blended into the concrete. In addition, diamond grinding to blend the damaged areas will be required and the floor will need to be re-sealed.


Removing battery acid stains in polished concrete floors.

Before, during, and after battery acid stain removal in polished concrete floors.

If you have bare concrete floors you can prevent battery acid stains:

While battery acid will erode bare concrete, it might not be as bad if you don’t have a polished finish. In addition, preventing battery acid erosion can be achieved with an acid-resistant coating. When an acid resistant coating is installed on the floor battery acids and other chemicals are prevented from ruining the concrete. This is common in manufacturing plants where acids and chemicals are constantly coming in contact with the floors. Also, where forklift battery charging stations exist, it is common to have an acid-resistant coating to prevent damage.

Titus Restoration has been restoring concrete floors for decades! Our experience allows us to provide you a one-stop-shop experience for all your concrete floor needs. We have dealt with battery acid stains in polished and bare concrete on several projects and are ready to help you if you are experiencing this issue. Contact us today for more information!