Considering Refinishing Old Concrete Floors?

Every building is built on a concrete slab and eventually those concrete slabs need…well…work. Refinishing old concrete floors is a daunting undertaking for most because they are afraid of astronomical costs and costly shutdowns. We have broken down how concrete restoration projects can go smoothly when the proper contractors are involved. Read more about our industrial concrete restoration services here.

How to go about refinishing old concrete floors.

Before: Dusting concrete presents maintenance issues.

Case Study of Concrete Restoration & Refinishing Old Concrete Floors:

An industrial laundry facility was moving into an old warehouse that hired a contractor to gut the interior and install their equipment. When the owners were presented with the finished product, the contractor had forgot one detail…the flooring. The old warehouse floor was worn, pitted, dirty and dusty; a hard to maintain floor for a facility that prided itself on cleanliness. What options are available when refinishing old concrete floors and how can it be done around all this equipment?

Concrete restoration doesn't have to be expensive.

After: Clean, Smooth, and Bright Polished Concrete

Titus Restoration was hired to perform the work in phases around the rest of the construction. Phase 1 was about 20,000 SF out of a total 60,000 SF. In this area were conveyors, industrial dryers, and other large equipment that had to be masked off to protect it from the wet grinding process of the restoration.

Refinishing old concrete floors with polished concrete.

After: Phase 2

The floors were ground with diamond tooling to be smoothed out. Areas that were extremely rough were patched with industrial strength patching compounds. And the floor was then dyed dark grey (per the owners request) and polished to a hone. This gave the floor a smooth, cleanable surface that was still budget friendly and easy to maintain.

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