Concrete Expansion Joint Repair in Warehouse Floors

Many warehouse or industrial concrete floors experience damage at the expansion joints. These, wide joints become deteriorated under forklift and other wheeled traffic tires carrying heavy loads. Concrete expansion joint repair is an often easy-to-fix-but-overlooked expenditure item and can really save money to businesses in the long run.

Damaged concrete expansion joint.

Highly trafficked area in warehouse causes expansion joint repair.

Why Concrete Expansion Joint Repair Should be Taken Seriously:

  1. Safety: When it comes to your facility, nothing matters more than the safety of your employees and patrons. That being said, when forklifts or pedestrians travel over uneven concrete it can be a serious hazard. If forklifts are carrying loads they can spill (presenting more of a hazard) or be damaged. When keeping your facility safe consider the floors.
  2. Forklift Repairs: Traveling over damaged expansion joints are hard on all parts of your forklift. Concrete expansion joint repair can eliminate costly forklift repairs and downtime such as axles, bearings, tires, and more.
  3. Productivity: When forklift traveling is slowed due to “speed bumps” and “pot holes” productivity is down. Cleaning up spilled or lost loads also slows down production. Taking the time to repair the floor the right way will eliminate these issues and increase productivity.
After warehouse expansion joint repair.

After expansion joint repair.

Performing the Concrete Floor Repairs the Right Way:

Many facilities find themselves repairing their concrete floors over and over – the repairs are just not sticking! Properly trained and certified concrete expansion joint repair contractors will use industry standard methods for prepping the floor for the repair, using high quality, industrial strength products, and providing a warranty on their work. All these things point to a floor repair that is long lasting and durable!

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