Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Polishing for Warehouse Floors

As the end of the year approaches and tax planning begins, your company may be considering making improvements or buying new infrastructure. Is is time to consider a facility renovation such as concrete polishing for warehouse floors?

A floor in need of concrete polishing for warehouse floors.

Before: Dirty warehouse floor with Maintenance Issues

4 Important Factors to Consider About Concrete Polishing for Warehouse Floors:

  1. Cost – Cost is handled on a case by case basis. Many factors go into the cost of concrete polishing such as the size and condition of the floor, the space configuration (are there racks or equipment in place), and if the business is in operation or not.
  2. Time – Concrete polishing for warehouse floors is not a product, it’s a process. That means there is some time involved with this type of renovation. On average, an experienced crew can accomplish a few thousand square feet per day based on the condition of the floor.
  3. Polished concrete flooring is ideal for warehouses.

    After: Clean, Bright, Easy-to-Maintain Warehouse Floor

    Shutdown – Don’t worry, you do not have to shut down your entire facility in order to have the floors refinished although if you have a scheduled shutdown, that is the perfect time to consider concrete polishing for warehouse floors.

  4. Finish Expectations – Is shine or repair work your main expectation? Sometimes, to keep the project within your budget, steps are skipped to ensure you get the results you desire!

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Concrete floor restoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Let Titus visit your site and provide a list of costs based on what we think your facility would benefit from. We can take the hard work out of this process and promise you will be excited with your new flooring!

Titus Restoration is in the concrete restoration business – and has been for over 10 years. Our quality trained teams travel the entire country and we do not subcontract work. Our estimators can be contacted for a free site evaluation and more information on concrete polishing for warehouse floors.