Benefits of Warehouse Painted Line Striping vs Concrete Floor Tape

There are many reasons to stripe warehouse concrete floors: aisle ways, staging areas, forklift drive lanes, and marking off special areas to name a few. But there is some controversy surrounding which method of concrete floor striping to use; paint or tape? Here is a comprehensive look at warehouse painted line striping vs concrete floor tape; the pros and cons and the limitations of each.

What you need to know about Warehouse Painted Line Striping vs Concrete Floor Tape:

There is no right or wrong solution for floor striping, but there are some long-term concerns to familiarize yourself with to make sure you get what you paid for!

Concerns for both Floor Striping and Floor Tape:

  • Adhesion: A clean floor is a must for both painted floor stripes and tape. However, for painted floor stripes a special surface prep is required, the best way to accomplish this is with shotblasting.

    warehouse painted line striping

    Shotblasting Prior to New Painted Line Striping

  • Cleanability: With good surface prep and a quality product, epoxy paints are easily cleanable. Floor tape on the other hand can dirty easily with wheeled traffic.

    Warehouse floor tape

    Tape with oil stains on concrete floors.

  • Longevity: It all comes down to surface prep for paints; good adhesion = long life. Tapes can begin to peel quickly if they are in the traffic path, but are otherwise stable given that the quality is good.

    Warehouse Painted Line Striping vs Concrete Floor Tape

    Painted Line Stripes with Polished Concrete

  • Removal/Re-Design: This is important for long-term decision making. Both floor tape and paint require proper removal. For the painted stripes, shotblasting or grinding will remove the lines. Tape leaves a sticky residue that also has to be removed with specialty tooling to avoid marring the floor. To learn more about concrete floor tape removal, click here.

    Warehouse floor marking

    Tape residue after removal

Warehouse concrete floor striping specialist:

Titus Restoration has performed concrete line striping and removal in multiple warehouses across the country. To learn more about our work and get a free quote, contact our experts today!