One-Stop Shop for Concrete Restoration Services

Looking for a contractor who can do it all? When it comes to concrete floors, Titus Restoration repairs, restores, polishes, and provides almost all concrete restoration services that our clients could need. It is our goal to save you money, time, and headaches on your concrete floor issues. Here are some of the services you can expect out of an experienced concrete restoration contractor like Titus.

Concrete restoration services from an experienced company restore floors for good. Comprehensive Concrete Restoration and Repairs:

  1. Floor Assessment – What is the nature of the business, foot traffic or forklifts? Are the repairs structural or cosmetic? Are there preventative actions we can take as well? These are questions that a professional company should be asking. They should fully understand your needs and provide options for your flooring based – then you can chose which services are most important to you based on your budget.
  2. Product Knowledge – Utilizing the best products for the job comes from experience. Concrete restoration is only as good as the products and prep work used. Installation is easy. However, if the area is not properly assessed and the repair methods are not carefully planned, the repairs most likely will not last. An honest contractor can show you mistakes in your own repairs saving you money!
  3. What Titus Restoration’s Services Include – We want to be your contractor of choice because of our wide variety of services. See all our concrete restoration services here. In addition to the actual service we provide, our services include dust control (we either perform our services with water to eliminate dust or with HEPA vacuums), clean-up, a maintenance plan, and so much more!

Our estimators are friendly and knowledgeable – and ready to provide free site evaluations for your concrete floor needs. If we can’t help you, we will point you in the right direction – even if you want to use one of our competitors. Contact Titus Restoration Today!