When to Use Warehouse Floor Cleaning Services

Do dirty warehouse floors have you and your staff searching for answers? Why does a new slab (or newly cleaned slab) only look good for a short period of time – sometimes only a day or a week! After spending money to have warehouse floors deep cleaned you would expect them to last. Learn about different types of warehouse floor cleaning services, their cost, and their effectiveness here.

Warehouse floor cleaning services to restore concrete slabs.

Before Diamond Polished Concrete

Cleanable warehouse floors

After Diamond Polished Concrete

A Break Down of Warehouse Floor Cleaning Services:

  1. Scrubber/Sweeper – This is the most common form of warehouse floor cleaning service. Although detergents and hard bristle brushes are used in the cleaning process, it is not a solution for concrete slabs that are heavily stained floors, floors with heavy tire mark build up, or floors that want to drastically improve the condition and cleanliness. For large industrial warehouses a ride on machine that has a 40″ – 60″ sweeping path is most common.
  2. Deep Cleaning/Steam Cleaning -Sometimes this method will go a step further and remove concrete surface stains. Paint and tire marks, however, will remain.
  3. Diamond Cleaning -Some scrubber/sweeper machines can accommodate a diamond impregnated brush. This is a more aggressive method of cleaning. However, if an aggressive diamond pass alone is used the floor may be prone to dusting, will be dull, and will likely get dirty quickly again. In this situation, multiple, successive grits of diamond brushes should be used to get the results you desire, but it still might do the job for some of the dirtiest, neglected concrete floors.
  4. Polishing – Just because a floor is polished does not mean it is show room quality. Many of today’s warehouse floors are switching to polished concrete in a low sheen because of it’s ability to easily be cleaned. In addition, it can be used to clean up an old slab as well. Much like the diamond brushes used on an autoscrubber, diamond impregnated disks are used on floor grinders to remove a thin layer off the top of the concrete thus exposing clean, fresh concrete. Then, a series of passes with higher grit diamonds are used to hone the slab back up. A penetrating concrete sealer is then used to lock in the dust and harden the concrete. Finally, a stain protection layer is burnished into the concrete to aid in cleanability. This is the most cost-effective method because once it is performed properly, warehouse floor cleaning services can be performed in house with simple autoscrubbing with water – this can last 10 or more years! Check out more information on cleaning warehouse floors on our blog post here.

Titus Restoration has seen many failed warehouse floor cleanings – we feel it is our job to educate on what makes concrete cleanable, durable, and a lasting part of your investment! Our estimators are knowledgeable and friendly and provide free site evaluations. Contact us today!