Finding the Best Concrete Repair Contractors

What would concrete repair contractors say about this industrial damage? Have you been burned by a concrete repair contractors? Patches fail, they don’t clean up the mess they leave behind, or overall they just do poor work? There are signs to watch out for when hiring concrete repair work.

Price Should Not Determine how you Hire Concrete Repair Contractors

Although price is important, here is what to look for besides the best price:

Products Used: It’s okay for you to ask contractors to provide the products they are going to be using. Do some research on them, can they be found at a local hardware store or are they specialty products. It is important to use quality products, with no fillers, to guarantee the best results; results that are long lasting!

Certifications: Do the concrete repair contractors come with any repair certifications? A highly trained repair technician should have a thorough understanding of concrete slab design, including: joint design and construction, slab curing, and concrete reinforcement. Certified concrete repair contractors can tell you what caused the damage and how to remedy it.

Previous Work History: Checking references and before and after pictures is a good way to determine how many projects the contractor has done, of course… You can just ask them to. It is important that at least 12 or more projects spread out over a year have occurred – that way you know if they have had any failures, they learned from their mistakes. Concrete is tricky, it’s volatile, concrete repairs often need to be tested before the right solution is found.

Technical Confidence: If concrete repair contractors seem technically confident then they probably are. You may not need the long explanation, but it won’t hurt in order to get an understanding of their knowledge. Technical confidence comes from years of performance and understanding, it can’t be learned overnight.

Titus Restoration is a brand of trusted concrete repair contractors and we self-train and self-perform all our own work. Our products are top-of-the-line and our crews are properly trained and certified to install them with industry best practices. We have several joint repair, crack repair, and slab stabilization jobs under our belt. We can provide a free site evaluation for your concrete repair needs – just contact us today!