Guide to Concrete Polishing and Restoration

Concrete floors are constant headaches of maintenance managers and plant managers. In today’s world we see a lot of slabs that are not designed for heavy, industrial operations and severe damage occurs. Concrete polishing and restoration service can extend the life of your concrete floors, ending these frustrations for good.

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What services are provided by concrete polishing and restoration contractors?

  1. Concrete Polishing – Polished concrete floors are suitable for nearly every environment (unless heavy acids and chemicals are being spilled on the floors) and are becoming increasingly popular because of their low installation cost, significantly reduced maintenance cost, and because they are easy to keep clean and looking good. With warehouses are plagued with dusting and dirty concrete, polished concrete floors are the way to go! They lock in the dust (for 20 years or more), harden the surface for forklift traffic, and are incredibly durable. Learn more about polished concrete floors here.
  2. Joint Repairs and Filling – Concrete joints are installed in slabs to reduce cracking. Commonly they are left unfilled and are susceptible to damage from forklift tires. Joint filling can be performed by concrete polishing and restoration contractors, but if the joints have already begun to unravel or spall, rebuilding the joint may be necessary. This process is performed with fast curing, industrial strength resinous mortars to reduce downtime and fix your joint problems for good.
  3. Cracked or Sunken Concrete Rebuilding – Voids under concrete slabs can cause major issues with rocking, cracks, and sinking. These voids can be filled, the damaged concrete can be rebuilt to restore the surface, and further slab stabilizing devices can be installed to prevent the slab from moving again.
  4. Resurfacing and Hardening Worn Concrete – Part of concrete polishing and restoration is a grinding step. When concrete is worn, aggregate is exposed, or surface stains like tire marks exist, concrete can be ground smooth removing surface stains and smooth down exposed aggregate. Then a penetrating dustproofer and hardener is installed, extending the life of the worn concrete.

Polished Concrete Floors and Restoration Experts

Titus Restoration has been restoring concrete slabs since 1979, and since 2005, we have been polishing concrete floors. Experience our proven results! Our team is available to answer you concrete floor restoration questions and provide solutions that meet your budget!