A Concrete Repair Company That Can End Your Concrete Problems for Good

Stop putting bandaids on your concrete floor issues and have them fixed for good! Pouring epoxy into divots, joints, and holes is not the way a professional concrete repair company should be fixing your floor. A concrete slab can be repaired permanently with the right tooling, products, and preparation!

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Failed Concrete Repair

A Final Concrete Floor Joint Repair Method

There are several problems with simply placing epoxy filler into damaged concrete joints to allow forklifts to run over them. The biggest issue is the bond. If the area is not properly prepped to clean (virgin) concrete, the epoxy will never properly bond. A concrete repair company should never use a wire brush to prepare the concrete for a patch! Further, epoxies do not have a very strong bond. And finally, when the epoxy is filled in the damaged concrete it is typically left overpoured or higher than the existing concrete – this just makes it more susceptible to impact from hard wheeled forklifts knocking it out.

concrete floor joint repair

Cut Square, Cleaned & Primed

Concrete joint repair

Patched and Ground Smooth

However, a certified concrete floor joint repair company will have the proper preparation methods, products, and finishing techniques to ensure the concrete joint repair is lasting – even under the heaviest of forklift traffic! Here are some of the reasons our concrete repair company succeeds:

  1. Cut deep, square edges – A patch cannot properly hold when the edges are shallow on the sides and deep in the middle! Cutting a deep, square patch allows the product to hold under wheeled traffic.
  2. Primer and Product – When specialty, reactive resin mortars are used, the primer soaks down deep into the concrete pores giving the product more bite and a stronger bond.
  3. Grind Smooth – After the product cures, concrete grinders are used to grind it smooth, further locking the product into the concrete and creating a seamless transition.

A Quality Concrete Repair Company you can Trust!

Titus Restoration is certified in concrete floor joint repair and has been repairing and restoring concrete slabs in warehouses and factories all over the country. We have a wide range of services in order to be a one-stop shop for our customers. Contact our estimating experts today with your concrete floor concerns!