Concrete Floor Repair Contractors Services

Repairing concrete flooring in warehouses and factories is a scary task for most. With budget and logistical concerns, most facility managers are looking to trust concrete floor repair contractors to handle the project from start to finish while allowing their operation to continue. Titus Restoration is equipped to handle the most complex concrete floor repairs and concrete floor restoration projects you have!

Concrete floor repair contractors can restore warehouse floors.

Before – Concrete is dirty, hard to maintain, and has severe damage.

When Concrete Floor Repair Contractors Can Ease Your Frustrations:

  • Diamond Cleaning – Restoring concrete can sometimes simply be achieved with a deep diamond cleaning. In this process, concrete floor repair contractors will utilize diamond embedded tooling on the bottom of heavy, rotating equipment. By removing a thin layer off the surface of the concrete, this ultimate cleaning process removes black tire marks and other surface stains and grime better than any of other form of cleaning the concrete. Once cleaned, the floor can be further restored to extend the life of the concrete up to 20 years.
  • 20-Year Sealing –  Concrete sealers come in many different forms. Some are simply applied to the surface and others react with the concrete to create lasting results. Based on years of experience, a penetrating lithium silicate densifier is the best way to seal your floor from dusting for 20 years or longer! This product not only seals the floor from dust, but actually hardens the surface to provide a better wear surface for heavy forklift traffic.

    Industrial concrete floor repairs can be phased around operations.

    After – Guaranteed patches are installed, floor is diamond cleaned, and our 20 Year Sealer is installed restoring this floor for years to come!

  • Guaranteed Repairs – Joint repair, rocking slabs, or other industrial concrete repairs can be performed with state of the art materials that outlast epoxies time and time again. Stop putting bandaids on your concrete floors and contact concrete floor repair contractors to get your the guaranteed results you need to keep your business operating efficiently.

For more information on our complete list of concrete repair services, click here.

Trusting Experts to Schedule Industrial Concrete Repairs Around Your Production:

Titus Restoration has years of experience phasing industrial concrete repair and restoration around our customer’s production. We understand that your business is important and we work hard so you can maintain it! Our company is one of the only concrete floor repair contractors to offer such a wide range of repair services in order to be your one-stop-shop and get the job done all at once! Contact our estimators today to end the frustrations with your warehouse concrete floors!