What You Need to Know about Industrial Concrete Floor Repairs

industrial concrete floorsAs durable as industrial concrete floors are, repairs are inevitable. Damage can be caused by heavy storage, machinery traffic, natural causes, and more. Cracks, pitting, and spalling happen, and repairs will be necessary to maintain the integrity of the slab. Major cracks can be a safety hazard for machinery and pedestrians, and they can also be a sign of structural integrity issues. But don’t worry – Titus Restoration can help you get your concrete floor looking good, performing as it should, and keeping your employees and customers safe.

Here is everything you need to know about industrial concrete floor repairs:


Industrial concrete floor cracks are practically inevitable, and repairs will be required. Crack filler can often be used to successfully seal small, new cracks. New concrete slabs sometimes crack as they settle, and these may seem like small blemishes, but they will grow into far bigger problems after a certain period of wear and tear. Larger cracks need to be assessed by a professional to determine whether there is structural damage. These cracks can be big trouble and require the application of joint filling products before the floor can be sealed and polished.


The need for patching concrete usually arises when spalling occurs. Spalling describes the flaking or chipping of a concrete surface, which can have many causes. Titus Restoration has mortar and concrete patching products that can be used to fill in these blemishes. Patching is important step in industrial concrete floor repairs because it maintains the integrity of the concrete slab and prevents the holes from deteriorating further.


Over time, concrete floors become worn, and dust can become problematic. The more traffic the floor endures, the quicker the need for resurfacing will arise. If you’re lucky, your concrete might just need a few passes with a grinder and a penetrating densifier sealer, and you’ll be good to go for several years. But if any cracks or spalling have developed in your concrete, those must be repaired and filled before the floor can be resurfaced.

Following through with necessary industrial concrete floor repairs is important for preserving the safety, integrity, and value of your building. A trained and experienced team of technicians from Titus Restoration will be glad to come out and assess your concrete slab for damages. They will also check the condition of your floor surface to determine if resurfacing is in order.

Our highly qualified technicians are capable of performing these services for commercial, industrial, and residential properties of all types and sizes. Click here to ask questions and to get the industrial concrete repair repairs service you need.