Florida Polished Concrete Contractor

Florida polished concrete in Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville provides an asethically pleasing floor for retail space as well as a durable floor for industrial locations.

Polished Retail Floor

Concrete polishing has gained a lot of popularity over epoxies and VCT flooring in many of today’s retail and industrial facilities. In Florida, this is not new either. Because polished concrete has a a longer life cycle, is cheaper to install, and is easier to maintain, Florida polished concrete is here to stay.

Why is Polished Concrete Right for You:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: A polished concrete floor (whether new construction or a renovation) has luster and architectural style that customers and employees can appreciate!
  • Durable: Because there are no topical coatings on this floor, there is nothing to wear or chip away. In addition, a penetrating hardener is added to the surface that provides increased durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Easy & Affordable Maintenance: With water only, you can maintain this flooring’s luster. Because the surface is smooth and dense, autoscrubbers and dust mopping is extremely easy.
  • Long Lasting: Again, there is nothing on this floor so there is nothing to replace. Polished concrete is a process, not a product and will outlast any other flooring available today.

    In Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, & Miami a polished concrete contractor is waiting to help you!

    Dyed and Polished Beverage Store

  • GREEN! There are many green properties of this a Florida polished concrete floor. The chemicals used are Low/No VOC and there are no harsh chemicals required for cleaning! In addition, many customers see the need for reduced light and energy savings due to its high reflectivity!

Florida Polished Concrete Contractor is Ready to Serve You:

There are a number of facilities that can benefit from polished concrete – its extremely versatile! It is suitable for high-traffic retail spaces, forklift traffic in industrial warehouses and factories, offices, salons and more. If you are looking for a floor that is easy to maintain, affordable, and suitable for nearly any space – polished concrete is for you.

Titus Restoration is a Nationwide Polished Concrete Contractor. Our Florida polished concrete is self performed so that quality is controlled – you get the same results from all of our crews! A few of the cities we frequently visit in Florida are Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and MORE!!! Contact our estimators today for more information!