The 4 Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing

While there are many advantages of concrete floor polishing, there are 4 distinct opportunities for a cost savings and environmental impacts that we will discuss in this post. For more information on polished concrete, click here.

The benefits of concrete floor polsihing includes easy maintenance and low cost installation

10-Year Old Polished Warehouse Floor

How can Concrete Floor Polishing Benefit You?

Benefit #1: Easier and Lower Cost Maintenance: It is true, the cost savings realized with concrete floor polishing is 6 times less expensive than traditional VCT or Epoxy flooring…and it’s easier! With water only, simple maintenance keeps this flooring system looking great for years. Because a polished concrete surface is highly refined, mopping and squeegeeing becomes substantially easier due to the smoothness.

Benefit #2: Durability: Concrete on it’s own can be pretty durable for a period of time. But when a concrete floor is polished, chemicals are added to the surface to penetrate and react with the properties of the concrete making it harder and dustproof. More than that, however, the process of concrete floor polishing requires refinement of progressive diamond grits. This progression refines the surface to be very tight and dense. Concrete floor polishing is used in warehouses, distribution centers, and heavy industrial manufacturing plants, so it’s durability speaks for itself.

Benefit #3: Long Lasting Flooring: If properly maintained with the simple maintenance listed above, this flooring will outlast any other flooring available today making it even more cost effective. There are limitations, however, to the life time of this flooring: because it is often refined to a higher grit than what might be lurking on the bottom of your shoes, the shine can wear off. But, the shine is easily restored with some refurbishing, which does not require it to be completely re-polished. Walk off mats can keep this break down under control in conjunction with routine maintenance. The dust proofing properties will remain forever.

Benefit #4: Green Building Solutions: When it comes to green building, nothing is more green than concrete floor polishing. With VCT or epoxy the replacement of those fills up our landfills, however, with polished concrete, we are utilizing the exisiting substrate. In addition, the chemicals used to harden and seal the floor are No VOC products. Finally, because the maintenance requires water only, there are no harsh chemicals to be washed down our drains. This flooring is greener than green.

Ready to make concrete floor polishing your flooring of choice?

Contact Titus Restoration for a free evaluation in concrete floor polishing. Our teams are headquartered in Atlanta, GA but travel the entire country polishing concrete in industrial and retail environments. Concrete floor polishing is suitable for new construction as well as renovations. Our experts are ready to help you transform your concrete flooring into something that will last!