When is polished concrete not suitable for a floor?

For most applications a polished concrete floor is a great option. Some of these facilities include:

  • Big box stores
  • Automotive stores and service bays
  • Retail stores
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Distribution Centers

The reason this flooring proves so well in a variety of building and stores is its longevity, cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, and it’s extremely easy maintenance.

Understanding when is polished concrete not suitable for a floor:

1. When acid or chemical resistance is required: A floor that constantly comes in contact with acids or harsh chemicals without time for cleaning up will require an acid- or chemical-resistant floor. These coatings can be combined with polished concrete if there are only areas that require them, for example and forklift charging station.

Battery Acid etches concrete making it a poor candidate for polished concrete.

If polished concrete is left under leaking battery acid, severe damage can occur.


2. When leveling compound is widespread: If VCT, carpet, or other flooring systems have been removed a leveling compound may be present on the floor. Leveling compounds are very soft products unlike concrete and have to be removed prior to polishing the concrete beneath it. Sometimes these can be patched, but if they are widespread an overlay of concrete might be required in order to receive a polished concrete finish.

issues under vct

Unexpected issues with VCT Removal

If leveling compound is present it is good to know when is polished concrete not suitable for a floor.

Changes in elevation occur when leveling compound is removed.








3. When multiple surface defects exist: If walls or equipment has been removed there is likely some patching that will need to take place. For an industrial environment this is usually acceptable as aesthetics are not as important as durability and cleanability. But if flooring has been removed or demolition occurred in a retail or show-quality floor, the results may not be as desired.

When divots exist in a floor polished concrete is not a suitbale choice for a showroom.

VCT removal performed with a jack hammer leaves small divots throughout the floor.