Everything You Need to Know about Restoring Concrete Floors

When the foundation of your facility starts looking worn and deteriorated you may start to panic. Surface wear and tear, structural cracks, and damaged areas are a few of the culprits leading to slower production and major safety issues in your building – 2 things that are most likely a BIG deal. Here we will discuss the ins and outs of restoring concrete floors from a budget and structural approach. Read more about our concrete restoration services here.

Common issues when restoring concrete floors.

Large “pot holes” are common industrial concrete floor issues.

How Restoring Concrete Floors Impacts your Budget:

Acting sooner rather than later is an important part of the budget equation. The longer the damage goes without repair the worse it will get and the more money it will cost. Damaged concrete often affects:

  • Forklift Speed and Production
  • Spilled or Damaged Product
  • Increased Maintenance
  • Forklift Damage and Repairs
  • Employee and Customer Safety

All of these things impact your bottom line and could be hurting your business. By increasing production and decreasing damaged product, on average, most customers see a return on investment within the first year of concrete repair. In addition, employee morale skyrockets after restoring concrete floors because the employees feel like they work in a place where they are taken care of by being provided clean and safe working conditions – everyone takes notice to sprucing up the place!

Concrete floor restoration services ensure lasting results.

Failed concrete repairs due to lack of surface prep and proper products.

How to Make Concrete Floor Repairs Last

How concrete repair products affect the floor.

Properly executed repairs are flush with the surface, installed properly, and use industrial strength products.

  1. Preparation – You may have tried some concrete floor repairs yourself and have seen them fail. Surface prep is the number one source of repair failure. Ensuring the substrate is stable, clean, and properly primed for product is key to a lasting repair.
  2. Product – Choosing a product that can tolerate heavy forklift traffic can be challenging. That, coupled with product cure time, complicates product choice even further. You will not find suitable products at your local hardware store!
  3. Professionalism – A concrete floor restoration contractor will be able to provide the proper products and surface prep needed to ensure a sound repair that will last virtually forever. They can assess the damage to determine structural versus cosmetic issues as well as provide warranties for the repair. Choosing a professional contractor will benefit you in the long run!

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