Cracked Floors in Need of Industrial Concrete Repair?

Is there concrete damage beyond your repair capabilities lurking in your warehouse or other industrial facility’s concrete floors? Structural damage to concrete such as cracked concrete is a sure sign that industrial concrete repair is needed…as soon as possible. Preventing forklift damage and total slab replacement can be done, but the sooner the better. Learn more about our extensive list of industrial concrete repair services here.

Types of Industrial Concrete Repair:

How to solve industrial concrete repair.

Before cracked concrete is a safety issue for pedestrians and forklifts.

Concrete Crack Repair:

It is true, just about all concrete is cracked or will eventually crack. This occurs due to elements during the pour of the concrete or if the concrete is not properly reinforced for the traffic it undertakes. But taking care of the cracks before they become a larger issue is important to your business’ operation. Industrial concrete repair for cracked concrete should be assessed and performed by a certified concrete repair specialist. They can determine if the crack (or cracks) are structural, use industrial strength products, and warranty the work. Improperly fixing cracks could lead to more issues down the road.

Concrete resurfacing restores the slab.

After cracks are filled and concrete is resurfaced by grinding and sealing.

Concrete Resurfacing:

Often in industrial building with heavy traffic, the concrete floors have eroded and worn down so bad that they are almost impassable. With resurfacing the concrete is a controversial subject, and, depending on the products and methods used, it can either be a nightmare or the best thing that ever happened to your facility’s concrete floors. Industrial concrete resurfacing should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Often, this type of in industrial concrete repair can be done with grinding the concrete down, sealing it with a hardener to re-strengthen it, and the polished to maintain a dense surface. Other types of resurfacing include using overlays or other repair materials. As with crack repair, industrial concrete floor repair is best handled by a professional with experience and references.

Titus Restoration is an industrial concrete repair contractor that specializes in crack repair, spall repair, resurfacing concrete, and any other industrial concrete repair needs. Check out our repair services and contact our estimators today.