When permanent solutions for concrete floor issues are needed!

What concrete floor issues plague you? Does your warehouse have exposed aggregate, making for a bumpy forklift drive? Or does it have large concrete cracks that are getting larger and causing concerns? Damaged concrete floor repair does not have to go to the extreme of replacing a slab, there are permanent solutions for concrete floor issues that are less expensive and ideal for industrial facilities. Learn more about industrial concrete repair here.

Damaged concrete floor repair

Types of Permanent Solutions for Concrete Floor Issues:

1. Damaged Joints and Cracks – Hard wheeled traffic often causes small chips out of unfilled joints. These small chips can turn into larger pits in the concrete making it hard for forklift travel. These are typically filled with a cheap epoxy that doesn’t hold up to and the problem persists or worsens. Rebuilding these joints is the only permanent fix for this concrete floor issue.

Permanent Solutions for Concrete Floor Issues

2. Sub Slab Voids – Concrete floor problems occur when the soil beneath the slab becomes compacted causing voids under the slab. This causes movement in the concrete slab and thus cracking. Filling these voids with a lightweight foam (injected through the slab) is a permanent solution to correcting the voids. The surface damage can then be addressed with similar methods as above.

industrial concrete repair

3. Rough and Eroded Concrete Surfaces – Often, old or untreated concrete can become soft and erode away. When this happens the aggregate (rock) is exposed in the concrete. This is seen in forklift travel paths and becomes a very bumpy ride that causes damage to forklifts and products they are hauling. Milling or grinding this surface down is part of the solution. Once smoothness is restored, a penetrating sealer is installed to harden the slab and prevent future erosion.

Titus Restoration has been providing permanent solutions for concrete floor issues for decades. Our experience is in industrial facilities and warehouses where the concrete slabs are under heavy weights and traffic. Let us help you find the right solution for your project today!