Industrial Concrete Repair

Titus Restoration is specialized in concrete floor repair. We perform industrial concrete repair and concrete restoration where damage has occurred or needs prevention. We repair concrete cracks, concrete spalling, and perform other concrete floor repair. For our concrete floor repair we use the highest quality concrete products to perform aesthetic and structural mortar repair to slabs so that the results are permanent. In addition, other concrete repair products are utilized for patching concrete and concrete crack repair where weathering and settling have damaged the concrete slab.

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Concrete Floor Repair

Titus performs several concrete floor repair solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Some of these include repairing:

Cracked Concrete

The truth is, if your concrete hasn’t cracked yet…it will. If the cracked concrete is fresh due to settling, it might be small, but over time with forklift and foot traffic, its damage will increase and require a concrete crack filler or in some cases concrete patching. In order to fix cracked concrete, concrete crack filler can be applied depending on the size. For large concrete crack repair contact us to discuss the extent of the damaged concrete floor as sometimes these are structural cracks that may require expansion joint stabilization and repair, read more here.

Concrete Pitting and Holes Require Patching Concrete

Concrete pitting is usually the result of some type of manufacturing or machine operation. It is common in automobile service bays where bolts and tools are dropped from overhead. Concrete pitting can be remedied with several different concrete repair products. Speak with an expert to find out which solution is right for you.

If concrete pitting is not corrected it can develop into larger concrete holes overtime.  Titus is prepared with many different applications for repairing concrete holes. Holes and concrete pitting may be skim-coated with a durable treatment or cut out and patched through mortar repair. The concrete patching compound is chosen based on the appropriate needs of the customer’s needs and budget. Concrete patching can be very useful tool to your floor to prevent injuries.

Concrete Spalling

Concrete spalling is often unavoidable unless it is prevented at the time of pour. The concrete design mix must be adhered to (not over-watering) as to not weaken the slab. Spalling concrete is noticeable as flaking or chipped concrete at the surface. Even if you feel that these things are purely cosmetic, overtime they can cause structural issues to the foundation and weaken the slab itself. Similar to our payching of holes and concrete pitting, Titus has various mortar repair options as well as other durable concrete repair products suitable to address your concrete repair needs.

Concrete Repair Products

When it comes to repairing concrete, several items are taken into account. The environment is a large factor. Heavy operations such as manufacturing plants will require stronger concrete patching products, whereas, areas with high traffic, such as distribution centers, will require a more wearable surface. In either case, safety is important for all employers and plant mangers and mitigating concrete slab repairs quickly are taken seriously. Secondly, insurance companies and internal loss prevention representatives care about repairing concrete before it is too late.

Sometimes concrete alone is not durable or chemically-resistant enough for commercial, industrial, or warehouse concrete floors. If this is true in your facility, you may consider contacting us to find the best solution for your concrete floor repair.

The project below details a concrete floor that has withstood 20+ years of traffic with heavy, steel carts. The wheels of the carts had completely worn out all the joints, eventually causing a large dip in the concrete. Each time the dips were subjected to weight of these steel carts, the concrete deteriorated more. This concrete repair product is a  polymer modified concrete as shown in this application. It develops a 9,000 lb compressive strength in 20 minutes and is ready for heavy vehicle traffic. This type of mortar repair can be applied at temperatures ranging from 14 degrees F to 95 degrees F and is 100% solids, which makes it ideal for cooler and freezer floor repairs. It is acid and chemical resistant and ideal for joint repairs in a busy operating manufacturing facilities or warehouses where minimal disruption to operations is required.

Not all concrete repair products are suitable, especially if there are still frequent concrete cracks in the previously repaired areas (ie, under the weight of large and heavy machines for materials transport). Alternate polymer modified concrete applications can be used in this case. Aesthetically the floor looks like concrete, but the technical specifications are very different allowing it to endure greater load and stress limits compared to a standard concrete floor.

Above you can see, these pictures show an industrial concrete repair performed with a polymer modified concrete. If you desire concrete repair similar to this due to cracked concrete other damaged concrete issues. Contact our experts!