Is Damaged Concrete Floor Repair Possible? How to Repair Eroded and Damaged Concrete Floors?

What is now a warehouse for hair product distribution was once a manufacturing facility with heavy equipment and machinery. The concrete floor here endured years of abuse and neglect and the end result is a worn out floor that is deteriorating before the eyes of the new owner on a daily basis. In addition, the amount of money spent on replacement parts for the forklifts due to the dust wearing down the tires and the potholes damaging the forklift axles is astronomical. Is there a solution for this warehouse concrete floor that doesn’t require shutting down the facility and tearing out the slab?

With cracks and erosion like this is damaged concrete floor repair a possibility?

Before: This floor suffers from cracks, dusting, and severe concrete erosion.


Repairing Eroded and Damaged Concrete Floors is not as Challenging as it may Seem – Titus Restoration can make it easy!

Here we can see some erosion occurring. This damaged concrete not only causes bumps causing forklift drivers to lose their loads and damage their machines, but it is getting worse everyday. The “hard cap” of the concrete which was once new is long gone exposing the softer concrete below it. This soft concrete is not meant to tolerate the heavy traffic and so, it erodes day by day becoming more of a headache to the owner.

By hardening the concrete after grinding it down, concrete floor erosion will not be a problem in the future.

After – Concrete Floor Erosion is Ground away and Damaged Concrete Floor Repair is Complete.


The eroded concrete can, many times, be ground off. With aggressive diamond grinding machinery, the floor is smoothed back out. But, most importantly, we need to protect the concrete from future erosion and prevent the damage to the forklifts from happening again. This is achieved with a penetrating concrete densifier. Typically concrete should be a Moh’s hardness of a 7. In this case the concrete is a 3, but with saturating applications of this concrete hardener and dustproofing sealer we are able to raise it back to a 6, almost to it’s original state making this damaged concrete floor repair possible.

Titus Restoration is experienced in repairing all types of damaged concrete and restoring it to a finish that will last many years to come thus giving new life to your facility. For more information on how Titus can assist you with damaged concrete, contact us at 678-494-6893.