Concrete Floors with Raised Aggregate can Wreak Havoc on Forklifts – Is there a Solution?

The close up image shows a common problem in older, heavy traffic warehouses and manufacturing plants – raised aggregate in the concrete floors. The problem of concrete floors with raised aggregate is the damage they do to forklifts, they slow production, and they are difficult to clean – all affecting your bottom line.

This close up image of a raised aggregate concrete floor shows a common problem in industrial warehouse floors.

Before: Raised aggregate caused a bumpy ride for forklifts.

Many facilities managers just don’t want to deal with this problem – thinking the only way to fix it is to pour over it. However, there are other (much cheaper options) that will provide lasting results and revitalize their facilities.

The reason this happens is because the hard cap of the concrete that existed when it was new has been worn down by heavy traffic thus exposing the softer concrete beneath it. This softer concrete is softer than the rock (aggregate) and it wears down faster leaving just the rock standing up out of the concrete. So…what can be done?

Smoothing Down a Raised Aggregate Concrete Floor vs Resurfacing a Concrete Floor:

After concrete restoration this exposed aggregate concrete flooring is level and smooth for easy of maintenance.

After: The raised aggregate is smooth and level, making traffic easier and forklift damage less likely.


Titus Restoration has had much success with floors like these by grinding them down smooth like this one here. But not only that – we want to prevent the raised aggregate flooring issue from reoccurring while restoring your cleanability and forklift production. To do that, we saturate the floor with a penetrating hard cap to restore the original hardness of the floor and dustproof it at the same time. On the contrary many think that the floor has to be topped with new concrete. This process of resurfacing concrete floors typically requires extensive surface prep followed by a topping that is sometimes to thin to withstand industrial traffic; a process that will likely shutdown your production, require equipment and machinery to be moved and be much more costly than grinding down and hardening back the surface that is there.

Titus Restoration is capable of handing projects of any size with raised aggregate concrete floors – we consider ourselves experts in this field and our references can back us up. For more questions or a free site evaluation contact us at 678-494-6893.