Low Maintenance Convention Center Polished Concrete Floors

Convention centers and exhibit halls usher thousands of people and equipment through their doors every week. Flooring choice is important to facilities managers for both maintenance and durability reasons in these high traffic areas. Learn why convention center polished concrete floors reduce maintenance and hold up better than many alternatives.

Low maintenance exhibit hall concrete floors.

After – Floor is restored to be easier to maintain and looks great!

Convention center polished concrete floors.

Before – Floor is unimpressive to customers.

Benefits of Polished Concrete in Convention Centers:

1. Reduced Maintenance – Polished concrete flooring is a process, not a product! This means of mechanically honing the slab provides a smooth surface with tight pores. Further, penetrating sealers and hardeners are added during the polishing process to seal and smooth the surface. It is the smooth, tightened pores, that make this an easy to maintain option for concrete floors. Simply using water in an autoscrubber will maintain a properly polished concrete floors for years. Read more about the advantages of polished concrete floors here.

2. Easily Restored – Convention centers are highly familiar with exhibitors, vendors, and attendees making a mess. We know this floor is easily cleaned up, but because of the polishing process, it is also easily restored if damaged. In addition to restoring damage done from a paint spill for example, the floor is easily spiffed up years later after some of its sheen has worn away. This is done quicker than the original polishing and for a reduced price.

3. Great Customer Appearance –  Your exhibitors have a choice! Appearance is everything and when a customer walks in to see if this is where they want to hold their event, the exhibit halls are usually empty and the floor is the biggest thing they see! Dingy floors marred by years of taped down carpets and customer damage might not be best first impression. Convention center polished concrete floors are beautiful, unique, have great sheen and reflection, and make a great impression.

4. Highly Durable – Polished concrete is used in many applications from grocery and retail to distribution and manufacturing plants. Its because of its highly durable wear surface that is chemically hardened (to prevent erosion) and protected from most staining.

Polished Concrete Contractors with experience in convention centers and exhibit halls:

Titus Restoration is a polished concrete contractor with decades of experience polishing slabs. Our crews are highly trained to get the job done quickly and economically without skipping steps. If you have a convention center in need of polished concrete or concrete restoration, contact our estimators today for more information on reducing the maintenance of your floors!