Concrete Floor Resurfacing Contractors

Have you heard or experienced the old saying, “There are 2 types of concrete: Concrete that cracks and concrete that will crack.”? Well, it couldn’t be more true. Whether it is a crack or surface spall, imperfection, joint damage or it’s just plain dirty, concrete floor resurfacing contractors exist for a reason. There are a wide range of concrete flooring issues that a repair specialist can assist you with. Read more about our full list of concrete restoration services here.

Concrete floor restoration contractors assess the damage.

Before Concrete Restoration

More about Concrete Floor Resurfacing:

  • Cracks and Spalls – Like we mentioned – all concrete cracks eventually. Whether or not the crack is cosmetic or structural, the sooner the repair the less costly. That’s because once spalling and cracking occurs, as forklifts or other traffic rolls over it, it worsens and of course becomes more expensive to repair. Some contractors will simply fill cracks with a rigid material or epoxy. However, it is important to not fuse the crack together and allow the concrete to move where it needs to move. Chasing the crack with a saw blade or grinder and filling the bottom with sand will prevent the crack from fusing together and will allow the patch to hold on the surface of the concrete while the concrete expands and contracts beneath the surface.
  • Rough Surface – When surfaces have been abraded, worn down, been damaged, or have aggregate exposed, it is most likely that forklifts are being damaged and production is slowed. Concrete floor resurfacing contractors can grind the concrete back to a smooth surface. Then, a penetrating hardener (called concrete densifier) is applied to increase the surface hardness and dustproof it. Finally, if the concrete is polished (for durability not shine), it will last for 5-7 years or longer depending on traffic conditions and maintenance.
  • The benefits of restoring concrete.

    After Concrete Floor Restoration with Patching and Polishing

    Clean-Up – Most steel troweled concrete will quickly accumulate stains and, more commonly, fork lift tire marks. These surface stains will not go away with simply autoscrubbing. Polished concrete, as opposed to steel troweled concrete or sealed concrete will prevent these stains from occurring, but more importantly, a polished concrete floor will clean-up with ease and affordability. With water only, daily autoscrubbing allows polished concrete to last, forklift tire free, for many years.

Titus Restoration’s team are leading concrete floor restoration contractors in services provided – we cover a wide-range of concrete restoration services and can help you repair your floor for good! Contact our estimators today for free site evaluations.