Clean and Seal Concrete Floors

With the abundance of vacant industrial warehouse space available, most companies are moving into warehouses that require a little sprucing up. One of the first major obstacles before moving in is how to clean and seal concrete floors – and it is a good thing to consider before moving equipment or racking into the space. Concrete floor sealing is a growing maintenance concern of most warehouses and industrial facilities.

Concrete Floor Sealing for Dustproofing Warehouse Floors:

If you’ve been looking for the best way to clean and seal your concrete slab, you have probably seen several different options. Here is a breakdown in terms of “good”, “better”, and “best”.

  1. GoodClean and seal concrete floors with minimal approach.The minimal dollar and minimum effort approach to concrete floor sealing is a quick clean-up with an autoscrubber (typically with an aggressive pad) and a spray down sealer. Then that sealer is usually burnished into the concrete.
    1. Details: It is cheap and might get the job done based on what you are looking for. Stains will remain. Maintenance may continue to be difficult going forward. If sealer used is not a penetrating sealer (and rather a topical sealer), you may have issues of it peeling or flaking down the road.


  1. Better – Instead of using an autoscrubber (which has little pressure to clean the surface), concrete grinders are used to remove the top layer of concrete. Then with 2-3 passes of additional grinding steps and a penetrating sealer, the surface will being to sheen and remain cleanable.Nice sheen on sealed concrete floors.
    1. Details: Most surface stains and tire marks will be removed. The luster of the floor will be low-medium. Economical.

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  1. BestHybrid polished concrete is the best way to clean and seal concrete. Increasing the number of grinding (and polishing) steps will increase the durability and thus the maintenance of the floor. This floor is most reflective – sometimes that reduces your lighting bill!
    1. Details: Most surface stains and tire marks will be removed. The luster of the floor will be medium-high. Easiest maintenance and best durability. Still an economical option (compared to epoxies and other coverings), but marginally more expensive than the “Better” option.

Depending on your budget level and your desired outcome, you can chose the system that best suits your needs. Titus Restoration has been cleaning, sealing, and polishing concrete for decades – our expert staff can guide you in your concrete restoration needs – contact us today!