Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors

Polished concrete is here to stay! Titus Restoration has been polishing concrete long before it was a popular flooring choice for its affordability, low maintenance, and aesthetic properties. We are concrete floor polishing contractors with multiple crews that perform work in all 50 states – we do not subcontract our work – meaning you get the same quality and consistency on every project nationwide.

Retail concrete floor polishing contractors work.

Retail Store with High Polished & Dyed Concrete

Retail Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors:

Polished (or polished and dyed) concrete is a perfect solution for commercial and retail environments. It not only creates a great customer experience and aesthetics, but it is also:

  • Longer lasting than VCT or carpet
  • Easier to maintain
  • More cost effective

It is ideal for grocery stores, hardware stores, and big box stores, but it is also widely seen in many other facilities such as airport terminals and hangars, schools, government buildings, and stadiums. Did you know you can remove VCT, carpet, or floor coatings and polish the concrete beneath it to save money and go GREEN? Yes, polished concrete is a green alternative to other flooring options…and it’s affordable too!

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A concrete floor polishing contractor can provide an industrial floor option that lasts longer.

Factory Floor Restoration with Hybrid Polished Concrete

Industrial Polished Concrete:

Many old and new factories and warehouses are restoring their concrete by grinding and polishing it. Again, because of its low cost / low maintenance properties, facilities managers are looking to concrete floor polishing contractors to give them options to extend the life of their floors. This process can be done while the facility is still in operation saving the  business from costly downtime.

From factories, warehouses, and distribution centers to manufacturing plants and more, polished concrete is an ideal flooring solution for almost any space. The shine of the concrete is just an added bonus, concrete polishing hardens the surface, dustproofs it, makes it easier to maintain, and improves lighting in the workplace.

Titus Restoration’s experience is tried and true, we provide free site evaluations and estimates for all jobs. Contact a concrete floor polishing contractor near you today!