Polished Concrete Floors Birmingham – Concrete Floor Restoration

Polished Concrete Floors Birmingham is a great way enhance the appearance of concrete flooring in warehouses and retail facilities.

A warehouse polished concrete floor reduces maintenance cost.

If your company is looking for a permanent concrete floor solution in a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or retail store, many are switching from a traditional epoxy coating or VCT, to a polished concrete floor. Polished concrete floors Birmingham offers a long list of benefits, but most importantly is that it saves you money in maintenance and replacement cost. Epoxies just don’t last (especially under heavy traffic) and eventually have to be replaced. With VCT the story is the same. Polished concrete, however, is a way of mechanically grinding and honing the stone to a tight surface that isn’t porous, is easy to clean, is 4 times as durable as bare concrete, and if properly cared for, can last forever.

Polished Concrete Floors Birmingham is an Excellent Flooring Choice for many Retailers:

You may have noticed that many large retailers and dollar stores have made the switch to a polished concrete floor, but you may not know that it is also cost effective in warehouses and industrial buildings. In addition, because of it’s durability, industrial concrete needs fewer repairs in the future when the slab is polished.

The maintenance is easy. Just water alone maintains its appearance and durability. That is just one of the many benefits of polished concrete. The majority of facilities that polished the concrete floors see a reduced lighting bill due to the light reflectivity from the polished slab. Polished concrete floors birmingham are a green building solution because they do not put any waste into the landfills and the chemicals used are zero VOCs.

Polished Concrete Contractor Birmingham

Titus Restoration is licensed to operate in Birmingham, Alabama, and is a national polished concrete contractor. Our crews are quality trained and we do not subcontract any work, therefore you can trust that you are getting the highest quality floor in the industry.

In Birmingham, our polished concrete floors consist of retail stores both large and small, manufacturing plants (including Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Plants), Distribution centers and warehouses, and a number of churches, civic building, and many more. Polished concrete is suitable for virtually any facility and can improve the current conditions of the concrete for years to come.

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