Buildings Suitable for Polished Concrete Floors

When faced with the challenge of picking a flooring suitable for your business, you have probably come across the ideas of polished concrete. But what is polished concrete and what are the buildings suitable for polished concrete floors?

A highly reflective retail polished concrete floor is suitable for many different stores.

Polished Concrete in a Retail Store

Warehouses and manufacturing plants are suitable for polished concrete floors.

Titus Hybrid for Warehouses

There are many buildings suitable for polished concrete floors:

  • Industrial Buildings Suitable for Polished Concrete:
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Distribution Centers
    • Automotive Service Bays
    • Manufacturing Plants
    • Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical
    • Power Plants
  • Commercial and Retail Buildings Suitable for Polished Concrete:
    • Hardware Stores
    • Retail Stores
    • Dollar Stores
    • Automotive & Tire Stores
    • Grocery Stores
    • Beer, Wine, & Liquor Stores
    • Stadiums
  • Institutional Facilities Suitable for Polished Concrete:
    • Schools & Universities
    • Churches
    • Hospitals
    • Prisons & Jails
    • Commissaries
    • Government Facilities

Now that you’ve seen a comprehensive, but by no means complete list, of buildings suitable for polished concrete you might be asking yourself – Is there a facility where polished concrete is not a good idea? That’s why we written another page on When Polished Concrete is Not Suitable for a Floor.

Why is polished concrete such a versatile flooring option?

Polished concrete has many benefits (that you can read about here). Many national brands are specifiied with polished concrete flooring (as an alternate to vct) because it is extremely cost-effective. Think about it: the concrete slab is already there, there is no need to bring in materials and glue to add more material on top of the slab. The slab is just polished through a process (not a product) thus eliminating extra costs. On top of that, the maintenance cost are significantly reduced. VCT requires stripping and re-waxing to maintain it’s appearance whereas polished concrete requires water only as it’s simple maintenance plan. Finally, a polished concrete almost never needs replacement – refurbishment maybe after 5 or more years – but it outlasts any other flooring available today making it the choice of so many looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance flooring solution.