Warehouse Floor Repairs

Warehouse Concrete Floor Damage

Those renting and leasing warehouse and industrial space know that tenants can be in need of warehouse floor repairs  just by the course of their tenant’s use.  Sometimes this damage can be foreseen and other times it cannot.  Here is an interesting scenario that was probably not foreseen by the landlord.

Warehouse Usage

The landlord leased several thousand square feet of warehouse space to a manufacturer of small to mid-sized rubber tired tractors.  The completed tractors were simply stored in the warehouse (no manufacturing was performed).  Other items and accessories were moved about on wooden pallets by forklifts.

Industrial warehouse concrete floor repairs are needed due to years of abuse from tenant abuse during leasing.

Leased Warehouse Space Needs Renovations:
After abuse from heavy traffic and negligent forklift drivers, this extensive warehouse floor repair can attempt to restore the floor to an original state.

Warehouse Concrete Floor Problem #1

Pushing the wooden pallets with the forklifts has scratched many aisles, loading docks, and other areas of the warehouse. When high-volume forklift traffic occurs the concrete slab can be gouged, scratched, and dulled over time. There are warehouse floor repairs offered for this type of warehouse floor damage. Our warehouse floor repair process can accommodate any sized facility and we can phase our work around your operation. However, if you are the landlord, vacancy is an excellent time to perform this work before the next tenant moves in.

Forklifts that drag pallet drag the floor and warehouse floor repair is needed.

Thousands of gouges and scratches have dulled and scuffed the floor at this warehouse. These defects will be ground out to smooth back to an original state. This type of warehouse floor repair falls under the polished concrete restoration and can be found on our website.

Warehouse Concrete Floor Problem #2

In this warehouse a brown colored substance from the tenant’s tractor tires leached into the concrete slab.  These tire marks cover several hundred thousand square feet of the warehouse floor.  These are not surface rubber make by turning rubber tires on the concrete.  These marks were made by the rubber tires leaching a stain into the concrete slab.  These marks are not removable by chemical cleaning.  Titus had to grind several 1/1000ths of an in off the slab to get these marks out of the concrete. Other stains in the concrete may or may not be removed, but our diamond abrasive grinding and concrete polishing can attempt to restore your slab back to a “like-original” state.

Deep stains in concrete will require warehouse floor repairs that are very extensive.

Thousands of deep tire marks have stained the surface of this warehouse floor. These stains cannot be chemically removed and will require a deep grind with an aggressive diamond abrasive to remove completely. This type of warehouse floor repair falls under the polished concrete restoration and can be found on our website.


Problem #3

Floor flatness and forklift travel speed can also be issues for distribution centers and warehouses.  Continue to: Concrete Floor Flatness and Forklift Speed to read more about this problem.

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