Schools Choose Green Building Alternatives with Polished Concrete

Nowadays it’s well known the importance of thinking green, especially when we are considering the carbon footprint of big facilities, public places and schools. In addition,  architects, engineers and contractors have slowly moved to the idea that it’s better to work together with Mother Nature and realize that sustainable architecture can be achieved by taking advantage of the raw building materials. That’s the reason why many schools are now choosing Polished Concrete Floors for the future of their buildings and giving back to the environment.

Polished Concrete is Green

At Titus we are 4 times the Green Initiative and we have fine-tuned our proprietary processes and products to achieve Health Benefits, Energy Efficiency, Maintenance Benefits, and Cost Savings.

Our expert team works everyday to meet all the building and sustainability standards that must be taken into account when planning renovations and new construction for educational facilities, such as the lowest total lifecycle cost and the return of investment (including initial equipment, energy and maintenance costs).

The Titus Restoration Team recently renovated  a section of the floors in an Elementary School in Georgia, where our service of VCT Tile Removal and Concrete Polishing was required, and to ensure the highest result we started with wondering “What does the ideal school look like?”.

Health Benefits of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is an excellent flooring choice for those who suffer of asthma or other respiratory diseases, it is Dust Free and reduces the moisture vapor that causes indoor air pollution. All our floors are hardened with lithium silicates, all natural, no VOC elements. Our choice is Organic Chemistry, that’s part of the reasons why polished concrete is green.

Energy Efficiency of Polished Concrete 

The properties of polished concrete floors increase the reflectivity of the light about 10-30% while also increasing the ambient lighting. This makes it possible to take advantage of more daylight and to save on the electric energy.

Maintenance Benefits of Polished Concrete

Unlike most floor systems that require aggressive scrubbing and chemicals, polished concrete are tightly compacted, reducing stains, and do not require any waxing. Polished concrete floors just need to be mopped with simple water or adding few quantities of neutral PH, green cleaners. Read more about the easy and low-cost maintenance of polished concrete here.

Cost Savings of Polished Concrete

It’s important to think past the initial cost, instead considering the total lifecycle cost. Polished concrete has the longest lifecycle cost of any other floor covering or topping on the market today. Learn the cost of polished concrete flooring here.

So here is our answer – the ideal school looks like a school that helps to advance the learning environments for the students, to extend their consciousness towards the development of technologies together with the respect and safe of the planet. In conclusion, Polished Concrete is GREEN!