Is Concrete Floor Damage Costing you in Forklift Repairs?

It’s not uncommon and you’re not alone: Most of our concrete repair calls are because the concrete floor damage is causing costly repairs to forklifts and it is an on-going problem. If you have found yourself replacing patches after patches in concrete joints and are tired of spending the effort on repairs to the floor and to your forklifts, you have found the right place.

When is Is Concrete Floor Damage Costing you in Forklift Repairs?

Before Damaged Concrete Repairs caused COSTLY forklift repairs and slowed facilities production.

Repairing damaged concrete joints eliminates expensive forklift maintenance.

After the concrete is restored to a smooth, strong, and lasting patch!





Repair the Concrete for GOOD and End the Forklift Damage…FOR GOOD!

It is our goal to provide a lasting and industrial strength concrete repair for each of our customers – no matter the weight or volume of the traffic the concrete floor gets – it can be done! We start this concrete repair project with an assessment: What type of forklifts are being used? How many are there? How old is the building? And so on. It is important that we understand the needs of the facility before recommending a course of action.

Typically, we find that most of the concrete damage is at the joints. Concrete joint damage can slow down forklift production, cause unnecessary repairs, and really just COST YOU MONEY. Have you ever added up how much you could save if you repaired the floor, ended the forklift maintenance, and increased production? It is our ultimate goal to save you money on concrete and forklift maintenance and here’s how:

First: We cut out deep walls around the concrete – this gives the patching material something strong to hold onto and eliminates it from popping out under heavy traffic. If the concrete is weak we have to strengthen it – a patch is only as good as what’s underneath it.

When repairing concrete, cleaning is crucial for a lasting patch.

Concrete is cut square and cleaned.

Second: We clean and prime the surface with a penetrating primer to strengthen any weak concrete. This primer also acts as a superior bonding agent for the patch itself. Note: Cleaning is a crucial step – without cleaned concrete you might as well not do the repair.

To end forklift and concrete repairs, properly prepare a concrete patch to ensure it lasts.

Substrate is strengthened and primed for a strong bond.

Third: We prepare our mixture of high strength (12,000 psi at 1″) and high bond repair mortar and pour it out quickly. These products react quickly to provide the maximum bond and maximum strength. Bonus: downtime is very little for your warehouse.

Patching damaged concrete needs to be handled by a professional concrete repair company.

High strength patch cures quickly, reducing downtime.

Fourth: We grind the concrete flush with the existing surface. If we are polishing the concrete in addition to performing the repairs we will polish the patches to nicely match. Grinding the patch flush eliminates any points of impact that would jostle the patch loose.

Fifth: If we are rebuilding a damaged concrete joint, we will re-cut and fill the joint line to prevent from welding the concrete together and thus causing future cracking.

!Long Lasting Concrete Repair Done