How to reduce warehouse floor maintenance costs and save management frustrations!

Frustrated with the maintenance on your warehouse concrete floors? Does it seem like it is always broken, dirty, and dusty? Even worse, does it sweat or have major damage causing safety issues? Keep reading to learn how to reduce warehouse floor maintenance costs and have more time to focus on more important things!

Maintenance Saving Concrete Floor Tips:

  1. Prevention – many plant managers don’t have the opportunity to plan for their concrete floor before it becomes a problem, but if you do, there are some very important things that we can teach you on how to reduce warehouse floor maintenance costs. First is the finish of the slab. The way the floor is finished can provide abrasion resistance, hardness, and seal it from dust. Second, and maybe the most important, is sealing the joints. Sealing the joints is the only way to prevent them from spalling and chipping away, which starts small, but can eventually cause major damage. Third is how is the floor maintained. A maintenance friendly floor (on that is easily cleaned with just water) is the best way to keep the floor from build up, tire marks, and other ways floors become damaged over time. By proactively preventing damage to the slab, you will save on maintenance.

    How to reduce warehouse floor maintenance costs

    Protect concrete joints with joint filler.

  2. Repairs – Damage to the concrete slab can be costly. Lost or damaged product, damaged forklifts, or safety concerns can be extremely costly to your business. Taking care of the floor damage the right way can put a stop to the constant expense. However, many maintenance engineers do not know or do not have the time to properly fix the damage and weeks or months later the problems are back. There are permanent solutions to joint damage, eroded concrete, deteriorating slabs, and many other concrete floor issues. Using a professional to address these concerns can save you big in the long run.
  3. Maintenance – Once the floor is properly repaired, easy and affordable maintenance can take place. Autoscrubbers needs smooth floors to run efficiently, by smoothing out worn concrete and properly sealing it you can have a floor that is maintained with water only – a huge savings to most costly floor maintenance programs using expensive detergents that may not even get the job done if the floor is rugged.

Significantly Reduce Floor Maintenance Costs:

Titus Restoration has been helping warehouses and factories reduce concrete floor maintenance costs for years. Our systems are designed to last so you don’t have to worry about your floors and can focus on more important things! Contact our concrete restoration experts for more information and pricing on your projects.